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We believe that the world’s most pressing challenges can only be tackled through collaboration.


About us


Our vision is to become the home for impact in Hamburg! Supporting
people in using their potential to create a positive impact through
community, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


We believe that this vision enables the transition towards a higher impact-driven
economy, and we are working on making Hamburg the leading city walking this path.


An economy where business focus on maximizing the purpose of their 
activities, and at the same time are financial sustainable.


We are a group of makers, and dreamers, and Hamburg lovers, that started this
journey in 2018, and are supported by a community of impact-minded people that grows daily.


We are supporting impact entrepreneurs to unveil and channel their inner potential
to realize their purpose…
…we are helping impact startups to scale their impact
…and, we are engaging with intrapreneurs to provide the outsider view that enables
impact, and purpose on their organization.


Join us on our journey, it ́s impact time!



Our community consists of more than 50 impact entrepreneurs, start-ups, creative minds and intrapreneurs.
With a membership in the Impact Hub Hamburg you are joining a network of like-minded people, get access to an inspiring workspace, meaningful events and programs that accelerate your impact ideas!
Membership packages

Options that work for you. Our membership options focus on flexibility and ease of use to meet your needs. Consider the hours you would like to have access to the space, your need for meeting rooms, information of promoting your business or whether events are your preference. But with all our options, know that you will be welcomed by a vibrant and supportive community.

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Impact Hub Hamburg is part of a Global Network

From Amsterdam to Johannesburg, from Singapore to San Francisco, Impact Hub has evolved into a rapidly expanding, diverse global network of over 17.000+ members in 100+ locations. Each community is a wealth of innovative programs, events, and cutting-edge content. Step into any one of our Impact Hubs worldwide and immerse yourself in the local experience of a global movement.

Creative Space & Events

We are always happy to welcome new people to our community! In our events we are focussing on impact topics to accelerate your ideas and business and to help solving your biggest challenges. Many of the events are also free to join without an Impact Hub membership.



The easiest way to get to know our community and to learn about impactful topics is by joining our open events in the Impact Hub Hamburg. Check out the link below for the upcoming events.



Our community consists of impact entrepreneurs, start-ups, intrapreneurs, creatives and many more. In exclusive community events we regularly check-in, give each other feedback and offer meaningful workshops.



Rooms have the power to influence, inspire and stimulate our thinking. Let us talk if you are looking for a place to host your next workshop, meeting, barcamp or event.



We believe another type of consulting is possible, where quality and results are
combined with human centered approaches, and co-development.


We support our partners by:


Accelerating innovation through entrepreneurship
Transitioning towards impact, and purpose-driven business models (ie, Impact
diagnostic, Impact transformation)
Increasing sustainability awareness
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