Who we are

Our vision is to become the home for impact in Hamburg! We are supporting people on their journey of prototyping business for positive change through community, entrepreneurship and innovation. With this vision, we’re contributing to the transition towards a higher impact-driven economy and we are working on making Hamburg the leading city walking this path. Join us on our journey, it’s impact time!

We are your home for Impact

Meet our Team

We are a team of thinkers & doers, movers & shakers, storytellers & bridge builders, boundary pushers & translators – but above all, we are social innovation enthusiasts who create a home for radical ideas that create positive social change.

Boris Kozlowski


“I believe in the co-creation of the future with individuals and organizations that have the courage to aim for a higher purpose and sustainable solutions.”

Bettina Schmiedler

Community Catalyst

“Contributing to each individual impact journey and enabling their next steps fills me with joy and energy.”



“I love to support entrepreneurs to build impact business that have a systemic change.”


Community Enabler

“When people that follow their own purpose support each other at the Impact Hub everything  seems possible.”


Andy Pachaly

Branding Specialist

“Listening to all the inspiring members, encouraging and supporting them is a real pleasure for me.”


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