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We’re hosting a vibrant Community of impact startups, creatives, self-employed, entrepreneurs and established enterprises. While having different backgrounds, focus areas and sectors, we are all sharing the vision of contributing to the sustainable development goals with our ideas, embracing the values of community, collaboration and co-creation. Get some insights what the Impact Hub Hamburg means for our members

Nike Hornbostel

Founder of nt

Being part of the Impact Community feels warm and strong to me. Asking other people for feedback and finding new solutions with them is a huge support. As a member, you belong to a Community and have a place to work with amazing people who like to create impact and change the world – and I feel like being with friends..“

Manuel Dingemann

Founder of erstersinn and Alsenhof

The Impact Hub Hamburg takes your purposeful life seriously, gives you strength with a local and international community and tops it up with inspiring events.  Being part of the Impact Hub Hamburg Community feels exciting, healthy and trustworthy. I always feel warmly welcomed in our space and connected online.”

Ole Wöbke

Digitalization and Sustainability Expert

I am an open and extroverted person, for whom it is important to have an environment in which I feel comfortable. To have dialogues with my fellows is crucial for me. Impact Hub Hamburg is such a place of comfort, offering a basis for committed people and strengthening me.”

Bruno Barthas

Founder of Igluu, Climatehub Hamburg

Feeling the authenticity, collaboration, trust and impact by the people joining was incredible. When listening to other members, I was amazed by the many inspiring people here! Impact Hub Hamburg created this space where like-minded people can meet and exchange around the same purpose which is game changing for the ecosystem. It’s a place where people, ideas, and passion meet to build a better, fairer and greener society!

Steffen Otten

Founder of Runamics

Impact Hub Hamburg immediately gave me a motivational kickstart. I enjoy getting to know great people working on great projects. You are heard and people show interest in your idea of making the world a better place instead of just nodding it off. Besides, the institutional power is a huge benefit for valuable connections to partners. That is very powerful!

Christina Nissen

Creative Art director

“With Impact Hub Hamburg, I have found a place to both focus on my work and to find like-minded people for exchange. I am proud to be part of this community that jointly works on making the world a better place and that embraces collaboration instead of competition. Together, we are always stronger. We are a powerful community and driver for a better tomorrow.”

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