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GRÜNDERINNEN. Die Finanzierung guter Ideen. Gründerinnen erzählen.

How do female founders become more visible and how do they manage to secure funding for their start-ups?

Join us at the GRÜNDERINNEN. event (online) on June 16th!

At this interactive event you will meet the following social entrepreneurs:
– Madeleine von Hohenthal (founder of BRACENET)
– Heidrun Twesten (founder of Impacct, start-up consultant & business angel)
– Johanna Baare (co-founder of traceless , financial expert).

You will have the opportunity to learn from their challenges and be inspired by their successes.
Everyone is welcome to join in, discuss and network.
The event will take place on Zoom and will be held in German.

Register (free of charge) here: https://shop.freiheit.org/#!/Veranstaltung/z3sz4


Jun 16th
18:00 - 19:30
Impact Hub Hamburg

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