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Hamburg’s Impact Ecosystem co-creation [episode #2]

Do you wonder why solving a given problem can be complex, and time consuming? Often is the case that problems are addressed from a linear approach, instead of applying a systems thinking view.

This applies to the global challenges we face as humanity, as well as locally in Hamburg (eg. climate change, societal equity).

In this episode #2 of the Impact Ecosystem mapping, we would like to continue our journey of building, understanding and influencing the system for the impact in Hamburg and surroundings.

Thus, in this workshop, you will have the chance to:
– Dive deeper on the systems-thinking methodology
– Gain insights on what are the main pain points of the impact ecosystem
– Exchange with key impact actors in the Hamburg region

Don’t worry, it is not a prerequisite to have attended episode #1.

Join us and contribute to the Impact Ecosystem!

Apr 13th
14:00 - 16:00
Impact Hub Hamburg

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