2022 – A year of growth, collaboration and challenges

We look back on 2022 with gratitude and can’t wait to see what great things await Impact Hub Hamburg in 2023!

A new space full of possibilities

We already learned at the end of 2021 that the renovation of a 1300 sqm building is not a small task. Last year the hub renovation went into the design phase and the construction chaos with torn out walls, newly laid floors and lots of paint turned into creative workshop spaces, inspiring work areas and well-designed common areas. The final touches were the branding details in summer and what the Impact Hub and our community stand for can now be seen visually in inspiring statements throughout the building. If you are interested in our purpose-driven design approach, you can read about it in detail and see photos of our transformation here.

With a building that is good-looking and excellently equipped, we can now host not only any form of meeting or workshop, but entire series of events have been created or accompanied by us. Our rooftop terrace is the highlight of any gathering, and the benches and gardening beds in front of the Hub also invite the neighborhood to hang out. Would you like to see the Hub for yourself? Then book a tour with us or drop by for a free trial workday!

A growing community and team

Our community consists of coworkers, startup teams that have rented offices, and our extended entrepreneurial community from all over Hamburg that is connected to the hub. Even though our numbers speak for themselves – 72% community growth, 60% office utilization achieved, 145 bookings and events and 10 partner programs in 2022 – what is really impressive are the connections that people have formed through Impact Hub Hamburg. People have found their business partners here, started projects together, given each other support in business challenges, built close friendships, and created really meaningful connections. It was our absolute pleasure to see those bonds form.

Not only has our community grown stronger in 2022, but our Impact Hub Hamburg team has expanded as well. We started the year with our two founders Boris and Jose, space and hosting manager Pia, community manager Eric and brand and communication lead Marit. During the year Shweta joined as event and bookings manager, Mariia took over from Eric as community manager, Nike strengthened the bookings team and Anna expanded the communication team with online marketing. Eight people strong, our team is ready for whatever 2023 has in store for us. We are excited!

For 2023 we need your commitment

We have always been very transparent with the fact that the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the unexpected challenges that the world has gone through in the last few years have created major issues for us. Impact Hub Hamburg is a space-bound concept and even though we all have especially longed for community in the last years, it was mostly not allowed to be together. Companies cut employee workshops, events were reduced to a minimum, and financial challenges made it difficult for most organizations to spend any extra money on meetings.

However, there is always light in the dark and we have seen through all the challenges how much the impact community in Hamburg believes in the hub. We are all convinced that a place is needed where people who create positive change in the world can come together, connect and collaborate. Through all the ups and downs of 2022, our community has always grown and our partnerships have become stronger. Now, to make up for the losses of our unpredictably slow business growth, 2023 must be the year of thriving – and for that we need your commitment.
Explore our website to sign up for our community, rent an office, book meeting space, plan workshops and events, or partner with us on impact-driven projects. We look forward to 2023 with optimism and anticipation – thank you for being part of the Impact Hub Hamburg journey!