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For a just and future-proof society of tomorrow, we need innovation that solves societal and environmental challenges. We’re enabling these solutions with our Impact Innovation Programs to promote the transition towards a new, sustainable economy.
Supporting different states of solution maturity, we’re facilitating tailored programs to develop, accelerate and scale impact innovation.

Our focus areas for this year

Gender Eqaulity & Female Entrepreneurship

Supporting Impact Enterprises

Climate Action

International Partnerships & Soft-Landings in Germany

Impressions of Impact Innovation Programs

We believe that the world’s most pressing challenges can only be tackled through collaboration. We are belonging to the global Impact Hub Network.


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Climathon Promoting climate protection in our cities, Climathon is the idea-sprint for urban climate innovations. In 2020, it took place as German-wide online Hackathon, facilitated by all German Impact Hubs with more than 500 participants. Accompanied by coaches and experts, interdisciplinary groups worked on 14 local challenges provided by catalyst partners. As the world’s largest movement for our climate and our cities, Climathon takes place in more than 145 and 50 + countries worldwide.

Global Goals Jam

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Global Goals Jam (Sep 19 & 20)

How to ensure quality education and how to enable a sustainable development of Hamburg have been the two main questions tackled by the Global Goals Jam 2020. During the weekend of September 19th and 20th, the participants were able to learn and apply the innovation and problem-solving method design thinking. Accompanied by coaches and experts, they were enabled to tackle concrete challenges as a group.The most promising ideas were supported afterwards with a 3 month incubation program.

EOI entrepreneur mentoring

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EOI entrepreneur mentoring

The 6th edition of the EOI European coworking programs supported 44 entrepreneurs from underserved areas of Spain to build and mature their businesses, over the period of 3 months. Themes addressed ranged from sustainable tourism to the future of education. This was achieved through a combination of 1-1 mentoring with impact experts across Europe (eg, Germany, Croatia, UK), peer-to-peer learning, and masterclasses.

Intrapreneurship Journey

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Intrapreneurship Journey

How might we build a service line that uses second-hand clothing, and people love? That was the main question a team of 3 intrapreneurs from a large clothing company in Hamburg asked themselves. Impact Hub Hamburg supported the intrapreneur team on building an effective and compelling pitch-deck to gain buy-in from the board of directors. Additionally, the team was equipped with intrapreneurial methods and tools, and inner exploration guidance that enabled them to navigate their journey (eg, clarifying internal purpose, gaining stakeholder support, building community).

Partnership means to us co-creating systemic change

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